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International drivers Bulgaria – Europe / England and vice versa

– Experience as an international driver;

– Category C + E;

– Digital card;

– Driver qualification card;

– Valid psychological fitness;

– ADR – basic course;

– Secondary education;

– Teamwork and responsibility skills;

– Self-discipline , organization , honesty, loyalty and communication skills;

– Be able to handle documents related to the transport activity to be carried out;


– Guaranteed 90 Euros (net) for each day in the cab or 0.17€/km plus address payment, whichever is more;

– Bonus of 5 euro per day for ADR;

– Guaranteed 85 euro (net) for each day in the cab or 0.14€/km plus payment for addresses, whichever is more;

– Bonus of €5 per day for ADR;

Duration of one course 8-11 days, flexible break after each course;

New EURO 6 trucks and fully equipped trailers with three-sided blind;